Old Memories

To preserve the memory of how rhythm.connection got started, I will not be shutting down the original blog (http://www.rhythm-connection.blogspot.ca), but instead keep it open to allow readers to see how I got started and who I got started with. To make it easier, I will list here who I’ve previously interviewed:


Kevin Shin, Tianda Flegel, Olivia Thai, Pulse N Limited, Evelyn Leung, Martini Ma, Robynn Yip (of Robynn & Kendy), Vivien Chan, Alexa Yoshimoto, Taiyo Na, Leejay, TJ Mic, Marie Choi, Vada Senatin, Kat McDowell, Lan Li aka worldismarble, Kevin Kaho Tsui, Brian Joo (ex-Fly to the Sky), Krystle Tugadi, Seriously, Michelle Martinez, Isak Kim (ex-Isak N Jiyeon), Jamil Kazmi, Scott Yoshimoto, Kris Mark Cardenas


Nathan Piche (of Article One), Sue Yoon, Far East Movement, Vudoo Soul, Mike Isberto, Micaela Reyes, Monday Michiru, Taku Takahashi (of m-flo), Victoria Lee, Raelynne Rosales, Ellen Kim, Lana McKissack, Esna Yoon, Sora An, Group 1 Crew, Edelen Angeles, Lydia Paek, Megan Lee, Alfa Garcia, Krystle Cruz, Sowelu, Shanti Snyder, Miliyah Kato

Good reading, and stay tuned!



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