Memory Lane: Top 8 Most Memorable RC Interviews

Hi everyone! Jorge here! So as you know, rhythm.connection has been running since 2009, and it goes without saying that I’ve had some incredible opportunities and met some awesome people over the last few years. In that time, certain interviews I conducted stood out for certain reasons and are very dear and near to my heart (all the other ones also too, but these ones have a story to them). I’d like to share some stories with you, so for your enjoyment, here is my top eight most memorable interviews (in no particular order).

1) Robynn Yip (Robynn & Kendy)safe_image.php
As you know, I’ve interviewed her twice – the first time was back in 2010 while she was still a YouTube artist, and the second time was this past March, as part of duo Robynn & Kendy. This was my first time interviewing someone from the Hong Kong music scene as well. The first time we talked, however, just brings back a lot of memories. At the time, she had just won the Hummingbird Music Brand New Star contest, and I was completely infatuated with how good her singing and musicianship was. From that point, I knew right away she was gonna become a big name someday in Hong Kong. Who knew that three years later my prediction would come true? Keeping in touch with Robynn from them until now, she’s become such a great performer, and as her friend, I am proud to say how proud I am of her. Robs, if you’re reading this, add oil! 🙂

2) Brian Joo (ex-Fly To The Sky)brain-e1346857236389
This was one of my first major interviews with an artist in Korea, especially being someone who’s been in the KPOP industry for a very long time. I’ve kept in touch with Brian since our interview in 2009, and while I have yet to meet him in person, he’s a very down to earth guy. Despite the massive amount of fame he has, he’s very good to his supporters. His voice though….there’s not enough that I could say about that voice of his. But this was my first major interview with a KPOP artist (the same year I also interviewed Isak of Isak N Jiyeon). He’s a very talented guy, and even seeing him in concert in 2012 in Toronto, he’s just as funny in person as he is on TV. Brian, if you read this, hope you’re well buddy!

3) Taku Takahashi (m-flo)f4ff6a099cdc53
This was an interview that took a lot of work to make happen, but was so worth it in the end. Taku’s been one of my all time favourite Japanese DJ/producers since I got into Japanese music back in high school. Working with his manager, I was able to get him to talk about his career at that point that we spoke in 2010. Despite his sometimes quiet manner, he is very verbose when he wants to be, and just having had the chance to speak to a legend of the Japanese music industry was a big honour for me. Taku, it’s always a pleasure to converse with you!

4) Far East Movement1737859-Far-East-Movement-617x409
These guys have been around for a minute, and the fame they’re getting now is much deserved. We talked back in 2009, as the boys were just in the midst of touring with LMFAO at the time. Who’d have imagined that several months later they would be signed to Cherrytree/Interscope? About a year after that interview, we met up at a nightclub in Ottawa after a performance they had there. They remembered me just from my name even though we had never met in person prior to that. It was an awesome experience just chatting with them. They’re really chill guys and I wish them all the best with their career!

5) Kat McDowellyxfom1hejke7zhq67q6t
2010 would bring yet another great interview – this time with acoustic songstress Kat McDowell. At the time, I had been recommended her music by a friend in Japan, and after hearing it, I wanted to get to know her more as a fellow acoustic artist. Talking back and forth with her over Facebook, we finally did an interview, and I learned a lot about her as a person and what drives her creativity as a singer. Keeping in touch over the years, she even sent me a Christmas postcard. She’s down-to-earth and her music is really good, so I hope the whole world will get to know Kat and her music. Kyatto-chan, ganbatte!

6) Megan Lee536241_10201308681814409_2105800947_n
In 2009, I discovered a certain competition called Kollaboration. With it, I discovered some amazing artists, some of whom are friends of mine now. One such artist stuck out to me however. Still very young at the time, Megan Lee brought an amazing voice to the table. When we did our interview, her enthusiasm and joy made the experience that much more “awesome-sauce”, as she would say. Several years later, and she’s now currently preparing to debut as a singer in Korea under a label founded by former g.o.d member Kim Taewoo. How cool is that? Despite this, she still takes the time to communicate with her fans, friends and family. Megan, stay gold! You are one of a kind, my friend!

7) Ellen Kim1884_10200803788876972_1266345538_n
Whenever I think of hip-hop dance choreographers these days, the first name that comes to mind is Ellen Kim. In 2010, we did our interview and kept in touch quite a bit afterwards. She’s super humble, easy going and has a very good appreciation of both music and dance. She was my first dancer interviewee actually. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Now she’s doing choreography for artists in Pharrell’s label and even some KPOP artists – way to go! Singers – anytime you need a good choreography, go no further. Ellen’s your girl!

8) Miliyah Kato300px-Lonely_HeartsPROMO
Last but certainly not least. Who could forget my very first interview ever? This is what started rhythm.connection back in 2009. All it took was some courage and a Facebook message to one of Japan’s most well known pop singers to convince her to do an informal interview. I am very grateful to Miliyah for having let me interview her. While I’ve been out of contact with her for a few years now, if she were to read this, I want her to know how thankful I am. She’s a hot topic these days in Japan, and why shouldn’t she be? She has a great voice!

There you have it! While I am uber-grateful to all the artists, performers, entertainers and people who’ve let me interview them in the past, these eight stand out for specific reasons and therefore helped keep my drive to do this. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.

If you want to read all these interviews, click the links below:

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