rhythm.connection PRESENTS: Diana Chen [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Hi guys! So today for you is feature one of the extra special “double-feature Wednesday” today. I had the awesome honour to interview a former contestant of one of my favourite Korean singing audition programs, SBS KPOP STAR Survival Audition. For your viewing pleasure – a first in a long time- from season one, currently a university freshman, here is singer and dancer Diana Chen! Enjoy!

Diana Chen is a singer and dancer from Ann Arbor, MI, US. A Michigan native and university freshman at the University of Michigan, Diana rose to fame as one of the last remaining foreign contestants for the hit Korean singer audition program “SBS KPOP STAR,” during its inaugural season. With her vocals and dancing prowess, Diana wowed the judges and made it to the top 18 round. Although disqualified after that point, Diana continues to hone her skills as an entertainer, while in university. It’s almost exam time, and although she has a busy schedule, she took some time to answer a few questions for me. You read it here first, on rhythm.connection!

A huge round of thanks to Diana for taking the time to allow me to interview her! Until next time, this was a rhythm.connection exclusive!



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