rhythm.connection SPECIAL FEATURE: Teen Top “High Kick in Toronto” 2014 World Tour

Hello readers! We are back with yet another concert feature, this time from a genre and group that rarely make appearances in Canada. In this group’s case, this is their second time in Toronto and Canada following their debut Canadian performance at 2K12 Korea Night back in March of 2012. This six-member group has been making waves overseas with their catchy tunes and choreography, and have been touring all over the world. It’s none other than the “rocking boys” themselves, Teen Top.

IMG_7167 copy


(For a shorter recap of the event, please see my post on the Korean Embassy’s blog: http://korcan50years.com/2014/04/01/teen-top-in-toronto-recap/)

Arriving at the concert venue, Guvernment at around 2PM, we were informed that the press conference had been pushed back to 5:30 due to a scheduling delay. We were given our press passes but told to come back later. So to kill time, Pablo Oh (my partner in crime for the day, and photographer) and I walked around the area taking photos until we could come back to the venue. We ran into some familiar faces from other media/press outlets and chatted while waiting to be escorted to the press holding room until the conference.

IMG_7238 copy

Around 5PM, the press was brought up to an private room, overlooking the main floor of the venue. At around 5:30, the members of Teen Top entered the room and were seated at the table from which they would be taking questions. They took questions for about 10-15 minutes, then left for some other press related activities with one of Toronto’s city councillors, Raymond Cho.

IMG_7251 copy

KPOP UNITED CEO Richard Choo then came forward to take questions for five minutes. Following the end of the conference, we were told that we could roam around the main floor and the upper level to take photos for the first three songs only. With that, we set off to the main floor to get setup. Lots of screaming fans, lots of security and a lot of waiting before the show started.

IMG_7296 copy

Finally, around 7:15, the boys took to the stage and opened with “Rocking”. Bringing their signature dance moves, Toronto fans swooned at the sight of them. Following that, they launched into “길을 걷다가 (Walk by…)” and “나랑 사귈래 (Be Ma Girl)”. Fans were cheering and the lights helped set a dance floor mood in the venue.

IMG_7377 copy

IMG_7389 copy

This is where our coverage ends, due to regulations from the promoters and artist management. But we would like to take the time to thank some people for making both press access and this event possible: TOP Media, KPOP UNITED, Krowdpop, Asiana Airlines, Nongshim, Mnet America, E&M Production, INK Entertainment, Uptown Media, The Face Shop and Arirang Korea TV. Thank you for bringing KPOP to Toronto, hopefully this won’t be the last time. Until next time, thanks for reading!

Also, special thanks to our partners at JTR Photography for providing the photos used in this post – to see more photos from the concert, please go to https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.242540422615313.1073741840.153000281569328&type=1

One last goodie, here’s a video recap of the event!




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