rhythm.connection PRESENTS: Sarah Lee [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Hello readers! My oh my, it’s been some time since we here at rhythm.connection have discovered an almost-unknown YouTube singer-songwriter. For this discovery, we have to thank established YouTube singer-songwriter Daniela Andrade for helping us find this “hidden gem”. She hails from the sunny West Coast, has a voice that will leave you wanting more, and a smile that’s just irresistible. Allow us to introduce our interview with 22-year old singer-songwriter, Sarah Lee!

Sarah Lee (born January 3, 1992) is a relative newcomer to the YouTube world as a singer-songwriter on the popular video sharing website. While she has been playing at school events and coffeehouses in her hometown of Corona, California for some time, she’s uploaded a few videos since a couple of months ago. As mentioned above, we discovered her by pure chance, and fell in love with her voice immediately after hearing her cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. Her musicianship is something to take note of also – a quality of a true artist, and something that could elevate her to great heights. We see a big future for this young indie artist. She graciously took some time to answer some of our questions, so to help us and both old and new fans discover more about who Sarah Lee is. Enjoy!


1517653_10152173699480148_1406823366_nFor those who aren’t familiar with who you are, please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello, there! My name is Sarah, and I like to sing and strum my guitar.

How long have you been doing music for?

I’ve been ‘doing’ music for as long as I can remember! I always loved singing and I took piano lessons ever since I was just a tot. In high school I picked up a guitar, and well, you know how the story goes!

What kind of artist do you consider yourself?

Indie/singer-songwriter : )

As far as music is concerned, who gives you your inspiration?

Growing up I listened to a lot of folk, from artists like The Swell Season, M. Ward, Lisa Hannigan, and Priscilla Ahn, to name a few. Then I eventually fell in love with jazz and bossa nova, which I never really fell out of love with, and still listen to everyday.

So while your YouTube account has been around since 2007, you only started uploading videos about two months ago, correct?

Yup! I’m really just starting to come out of my shell. Before this year, my channel was only used to archive other videos; I was a recipient, an audience member, a sponge. Somehow I’ve mustered up the courage to expend my energies towards (attempting to) create post-worthy content. It’s sort of terrifying, yet such an invaluable experience.

YouTube singer Daniela Andrade shared one of your videos recently. What was your initial reaction? Any plans to work with her?10007426_427185034083619_1328871563_n

I was so flattered! I’ve been listening to her music for years and it was an honor to be musically recognized from such a talented artist so dedicated to her craft. I’d love to work with her, but no set plans really!

Any plans for some original material to be released soon?

I’m in the writing process for something that will hopefully turn into an album or EP of sorts.

Is music something you’re wanting to pursue as part of your career, or is it more of a hobby?

It’s something that I’m pursuing as a career! I’ve never had so much fun yet been so challenged before, and I mean that in the best way possible. Everyday is a blank canvas and a chance to grow.

What are your five most played songs currently?

Kurt Elling- In The Winelight
St. Vincent- Landmines
Labi Siffre- Seasons Come Seasons Go
San Fermin- Sonsick
Joao Gilberto- O Pato

Who are some of your favourite artists currently?

Ohashi Trio is a musical mastermind. It’s actually just one guy who makes up this “trio”, and his layers/arrangements/chord changes are genius. I think Feist, Sondre Lerche, Melody Gardot, and Kimbra will always be my favorites as well! Then there’s Mel Torme, Chet Baker, Bill Evans… The list goes on and on. Old jazz has a special place in my heart.

191280_10150171189965148_4048883_oWhat is your guilty pleasure currently? It can be anything!

I’ve been eating unhealthy amounts of avocado toast. Slice off a piece of French bread, and spread that avocado like butter. Squeeze a lemon and lightly sprinkle with salt. Voila!

When you have spare time, what do you do for fun?

I really love watching movies and reading books. There’s something about escaping into another realm for an hour or two that’s so refreshing to my brain.

Name one thing that fans may not already know about you.

I’m a huge homebody. I love staying at home by myself and napping, bingeing on Netflix, doodling, and relishing in the freedom of solitude.

Any advice for aspiring singers/singer-songwriters?

In the words of Steve Furtick, “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”

Any final words for the readers? Where can people reach you?

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Be sure to check out the rest of this blog!

My music can be found at: www.youtube.com/shuddd
Keep up with me at: www.facebook.com/sarahleesings


Many thanks to Sarah for taking the time to answer our questions! Please keep an eye out for this rising star! Until next time, this has been a rhythm.connection exclusive!




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