rhythm.connection PRESENTS: Esther Haejin Lee [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Hello RC readers! Welcome to our latest interview, and one that I have been looking forward to for a while. Our interviewee today is no stranger to the YouTube scene, carving out her niche for the last six years. While she tends to keep under the radar, fans just can’t get enough of her voice. Who am I talking about? Why it’s none other than 22-year old singer-songwriter Esther Haejin Lee. Enjoy!

Esther Lee (Korean name: Lee Haejin, born September 6, 1991) is a California-born YouTube singer-songwriter based out of North Carolina. Uploading videos since 2008, Esther has become synonymous with the first generation of indie singers to start their careers through YouTube. While singing is more of a hobby for her, she doesn’t plan to give it up anytime soon. While studying graphic design in school, she takes time to work on original material as well as design stuff for her Etsy shop. She has kindly taken some time to answer some questions for us and give fans an update on what’s been going on with her, enjoy!


6b94dd66d677fe8ec2fd95a012826f0cFor those who aren’t familiar with who you are, please introduce yourself briefly.

My name is Esther Lee, 22 years old. I have a YouTube channel where I post videos of myself singing and playing the guitar.. I believe that every talent I possess is not for myself but for the glory of God.

How long have you been doing music for?

I had made my singing “debut” at age 16, and then shortly after I posted my first video onto YouTube.

What kind of artist do you consider yourself?

I consider myself a closet-musician… just a student with a hobby who has gained a little bit of recognition through the YouTube community, which I’m entirely grateful for.

As far as music is concerned, who gives you your inspiration?

I’m inspired by whatever is on my heart, whatever I may be going through. Musical inspiration comes in spurts for me. Once I’m on the grind of song writing, I know that I need to focus on just that without any distractions because I don’t know when I’ll be inspired again.

You’ve been posting videos on and off since 2008, and fans have been able to get to know you and your voice through your channel. Looking back on the last six years, what have been some highlights for you as a result of posting videos on YouTube and sharing your voice with the world?

One of the highlights would definitely be the YouTube community. It was sort of mind blowing to me that the YouTubers I was subscribed to were also following me as well. Building relationships with people, having my subscribers open up to me, and maintaining friendships has been so rewarding. It’s really amazing to see what doors YouTube opens for people, not only through performance opportunities but relationship opportunities especially.

While you have noted before that music isn’t in your planned career path, will you continue to make videos in the future?photo

Of course! It bothers me that I don’t post regularly. I always tell myself that I’d post more often, but because it isn’t my top priority that it seems I never get around to it, I suppose.

Any plans for more original material to be released?

I have some songs in the making right now. The songs that I write don’t all get posted, but I’d definitely like to sometime. I’m still not confident about my song writing ability… People ask me if I’ll ever release an E.P. or an album, and while I don’t see why not, unfortunately I also don’t see it happening any time soon.

Is there anyone that you follow on YouTube these days, as far as singers go?

I’ve always followed Daniela Andrade. I seriously believe in her talent and am a huge fan. She’s not only talented and beautiful, but she seems so personable in real life. I’d love to meet her in person someday.

What are your five most played songs currently?

2 of my original songs that are untitled, Alabaster Jar by Gateway Worship,

Who are some of your favourite artists currently?

I recently discovered Lucy Rose, HAIM, and All Sons & Daughters.

0Hardcore fans already know this, but you also have an Etsy shop. Can you tell us a bit about what you have on the Etsy shop?

Hardcore fans?! I’m so flattered, haha. As much as I love to sing, I also love to draw even more. I sell illustrated Moleskin journals on my Etsy shop. I’ll be selling some prints of my illustrations in the near future as well. Here’s the link if any of you would like to check it out: http://www.etsy.com/shop/artbyestherly

Can you see graphic design and illustration in your future?

I’m actually in school for Graphic Design right now, and illustration has always been an interest of mine so I can definitely see both in my future. Art and design are two things I’m passionate about apart from music.

What is your guilty pleasure currently? It can be anything!

My guilty pleasure is sleeping in until noon… I don’t know if that constitutes as a guilty pleasure but it’s definitely pleasurable and when I wake up I’m feeling pretty guilty about wasting the day.

When you have spare time, what do you do for fun?

I like to draw, journal, and watch movies. I really enjoy museums (of any kind), going on random adventures, and thrifting.

Name one thing that fans may not already know about you.hqdefault

I’m a huge introvert. I feel out of my element in larger groups of people.

Any advice for aspiring singers/singer-songwriters?

I think that with song writing it isn’t always about quality. If you feel inspired, get the words out first and don’t erase/delete what you write because it’s not sounding the way you want it to. Get an outline of the song quickly and then edit the words later. Also, you don’t always have to rhyme.

Any final words for the readers?

Whether or not you’ve heard of my channel previous to this, I just want to say thank you to all my followers. Your continuous love and support despite my lack of uploads really proves to me that you genuinely like what you hear, and that makes me feel good. So thank you for the years of support. You all are awesome.


Many thanks to Esther for answering our questions! We can’t wait to hear what’s next from you. Until next time, this has been a rhythm.connection exclusive!





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