rhythm.connection PRESENTS: A Guide to Canadians in Korea’s Music Industry

Hello readers! I hope you are all having a great week so far! As spring is approaching here in Canada, the folks here at rhythm.connection wanted to bring a different post to you all today. As you all know, the Hallyu phenomenon is something we’ve been following avidly for some time now. Among all the people involved in different aspects of Korea’s entertainment industry, there are the few, mostly singers and musicians, that represent our great country. Whether having gone to school here or being raised here for sometime, there are Canadians in Korea’s music industry. That being said, for your reading pleasure and future reference, here is our retrospective guide to the Canadians in Korea’s music industry!




1) The Top Six Associated KPOP Acts from Canada

  • G.NA (former Five Girls leader and soloist) – Born in Edmonton, raised in Vancouver
  • Kris (former EXO-M leader) – Went to high school in Vancouver
  • Henry (Super Junior-M member) – Born and raised in Toronto
  • Alex (Clazziquai member and soloist) – Raised in Vancouver
  • Sera (former Nine Muses leader and soloist) – Spent time in both Vancouver and Toronto
  • Eden (former LC9 member) – Raised in Vancouver



2) The Diverse Category

  • K9 (former member of ESQ – original roster and SMTM4 contestant) – Raised in Vancouver
  • Eddie Chun (BeautyHandsome) – Born and raised in Toronto, went to school in Ottawa
  • Shayne Orok (placed 3rd on season 1 of Birth of a Great Star) – Born and raised in Ottawa
  • Tablo (Epik High) – Spent time during his youth in Vancouver
  • Wendy (SMROOKIES/Red Velvet) – Born and raised in Toronto
  • Yejin (Brave Girls) – Born and raised in Vancouver



3) The Indie and Unconfirmed

  • Iz (former E7 member) – Spent time in Vancouver
  • Dindin (SMTM2 contestant) – Raised in Vancouver
  • Changmin (2AM) – Studied in Vancouver
  • Mark (SMROOKIES) – Raised in Vancouver
  • Mad Clown – Supposedly went to high school in Hamilton, just outside of Toronto (NOT 100% CONFIRMED)
  • Brian (5LIVE/DAY6 member) – Born and raised in Toronto



4) More Canadians!

  • DJ Clazzi (Clazziquai) – Went to school in Vancouver; married a Canadian woman
  • Shin Jihyun (Veloce) – Raised in and attended school in Toronto
  • Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls) – Supposedly studied briefly in Canada (NOT 100% CONFIRMED)



5) Two Honoraries, One French Speaker~

  • Dongwoo (INFINITE) – Studied briefly in Vancouver
  • Sunye (Wonder Girls) – Married a Canadian and briefly lived in Montreal and Hamilton after getting married
  • Yohan Lee (B2M Entertaiment trainee) – Raised in and attended school in Montreal



6) New Blood

  • Somi (JYP trainee featured on ‘Sixteen’) – Half Canadian, half Korean
  • M.Joon (former member of Touch, soloist, and member of JUST JERK dance crew) – Lived in Vancouver for high school
  • Don Lee (former member of 3rd Degree and former JYP trainee) – Born and raised in Toronto, currently studying at UWO in London



7) More Surprises!

  • Sik-K (underground rapper, Team AOMG finalist and competitor on SMTM4) – Previously resided in Vancouver
  • Kim Ye Rim (soloist and member of Superstar K3 3rd place team Togeworl) – Went to middle school in Canada
  • Don Mills (rapper signed under Vismajor Company) – went to high school and university in Toronto


We will continue to add to this list when we discover more Canadians out in Korea’s music industry. Hope you learned something today about your favourite singer that you might not have known. Until next time!




11 responses to “rhythm.connection PRESENTS: A Guide to Canadians in Korea’s Music Industry

    • I just looked that up. Seems like he lived here for three months…studied in Vancouver. Thanks for the tip! I’ll include him in the next batch of artists! 😀

  1. Mark is from Vancouver, not Toronto. He said it himself in one his updates in the official SMROOKIES Facebook.
    “Hey guys~~
    It’s me, Mark.
    I had a lucky chance to visit my hometown in Vancouver, Canada and its really great meeting my family, who I haven’t seen for awhile.
    I hope all of you guys are doing well as well and I hope you guys take good care for the new year.
    Wish everyone a great year for 2014 !
    Thank you everyone ~~!!!”

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