Contest Corner: Eric Nam ‘Ooh Ooh’ Signed CD Giveaway


Salutations readers and followers! We are happy to announce our first ever CONTEST CORNER! Contest Corner is a once-in-a-while  happening where RC will giveaway a prize to one lucky reader simply by taking part in a contest. For our first one, we have in our possession a signed copy of KPOP singer Eric Nam’s ‘Ooh Ooh’ that we are going to give away to one lucky reader. How do you win this you may ask?

2014-09-23 19.46.08


  1. Comment below on this post OR on our Facebook post of this post (one entry only) of your best memory involving Eric Nam, whether it be through a TV appearance, a tweet, one of his songs, or something else.
  2. Be as creative as you want, but keep it clear and concise.
  3. The contest opens September 23, 2014 and runs until October 5th, 2014. Contest closes on the 5th at 11:59pm!
  4. This contest is open only to Canadian readers (sorry international folks, we’ll get you in on the next one!)
  5. We will choose one winner after the deadline and announce the winner on Facebook, so make sure to keep an eye out there. We will announce the winner on October 6th, 2014.
  6. We only have one copy of the album.


If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or contact us on Facebook. Good luck readers/followers! Many will enter but only one will win 🙂




6 responses to “Contest Corner: Eric Nam ‘Ooh Ooh’ Signed CD Giveaway

  1. Wow I’m so excited for this contest! Eric was recently in Toronto for his first showcase, but I’m from Edmonton and couldn’t make it, so this would be amazing!

    I actually got the chance to meet Eric over After School Club! I was chosen to be a part of the GOT7 episode, and even though I had to stay up until 2a.m., I was of course excited to talk to GOT7 and the show’s amazing host! 😀 I had to contain my excitement when I appeared on screen with my friends and Eric said “Hi Maneesha!!” I almost forgot I was there for GOT7 I was so excited! I’m a huge fan of Eric because there aren’t many international idols in Korea, so it’s really inspiring to see him making it big so far away from home. He also started on youtube, and as an aspiring singer myself, it really shows me that anything is possible if you work hard enough! I was so happy to be able to meet him over ASC, and have him say my name THREE TIMES!! Being friends with other idols I love such as Royal Pirates and Amber shows me he must genuinely be a great person! He’s so bubbly and definitely made me feel at ease despite how nervous I was to be on the show with GOT7 and Min who was co-hosting! I hope to do an exchange to Seoul one day, and I definitely hope to meet Eric and be able to joke around with him and ask about his move from North America to Seoul. One of the fans I became friends with from ASC is from Australia and has met Eric a few times, and said he’s really funny and nice! I was able to meet him online from across the world through ASC, and I really hope I get to meet Eric in real life one day!

    – Maneesha Jaswal (a huge Eric Nam fan!!)

    • Hi Maneesha! Congratulations, we loved your submission so much, we have chosen you to be the recipient of the signed Eric Nam CD! Please message us on our Facebook page with your address so we know where to send your prize 🙂

  2. Ayyy okay finally time to enter this contest because I want to get my hands on a signed Eric Nam album.

    My favourite memory (or memories) of Eric Nam are definitely the moment I saw him on tv for the first time on “Birth of a Great Star” when he went in for his audition. The reason that this is a significant memory for me is because I remember seeing him before on YouTube singing Wedding Dress, so seeing him on TV was really cool. From that moment I swore to be a fan of him whether he make it big or not.

    The MOST MEMORABLE moment I have with Eric Nam is definitely at his concert a few weeks ago in Toronto; KPOPME had a contest where you could send in a letter to win a chance to be serenaded by Eric himself. When I heard about this I wanted to enter, but I was hesitant in entering it because I felt some people deserved it more than me. However I still took the chance and with much surprise … I won! I stood on stage with a fellow fan and got serenaded by THE ERIC NAM. It was an amazing opportunity and a moment I’d never forget because I really am a huge fan of Eric.


  3. Why am I only finding out about this contest now?! I hope I’m not too late…. I really want to get my hands on this signed album because I was going to buy it at Eric’s concert in Toronto but they were sold out by the time I was there… 😦

    My first memory of Eric was when he made a video with Simon and Martina (eatyourkimchi) on YouTube in early March 2013, promoting ‘Cloud 9’. After the video I checked out his ‘Heaven’s Door’ music video and fell in love with his voice. It’s a plus that he was also really cute too. Haha And from then on, I supported him in all his endeavors.

    My best memory involving Eric Nam has got to be the time I met him briefly at the hi touch after his concert in Toronto. Instead of a high five because it seemed too fast – I took out my hand for a handshake and held his hands for a good two seconds, saying “great job with the show”. While the organizers were signaling me to keep moving, I showed Eric my nails which had his name on it and he was standing there looking at them for a good five seconds until he realized what it said! Haha Then he said “ohhhh” and gave me his signature laugh with squinty eyes – that dork. 🙂 I still smile whenever I replay that small moment in my head again. And I really hope that I’ll get a chance to hear his beautiful voice live again sometime in the future! But for now I’ll be listening to him on this signed cd if I win! 😉

  4. I live in Toronto, Canad(i)a and I was able to attend Eric Nam’s first showcase in Canad(i)a! It was honestly the best experience anyone could ever have. He has such a talented voice, and his songs make me melt! (His voice is so sweet and lovely!) I was also able to get a high touch from him! I can’t believe how much I freaked out once I saw him up close and also touched his hand! (*0*)/ I would’ve bought the “Ooh Ooh” CD but I didn’t bring much money. I was only able to get Heaven’s Door. This giveaway will complete my Eric Nam pile XD. Can’t wait until he comes out with a new single/album. It was super hard to get over PCD. (Kinda still on it) Every time I feel sad and was missing him, I’d listen to his music over and over again. It makes me feel better but I still miss him a lot. His voice is not the only reason I love him though, he is a very down to earth person, tells many funny jokes and has a beautiful face XD! This is so far my best and most favorite memory with him. Can’t wait to see him again! One day I hope I’ll meet him again and have a long conversation with him! I also hope to be on one of the Hangouts on ASC soon. Sadly school has started and I’m much too busy doing work 😦 BUT one day, it will happen!!
    Thank you so much for this giveaway! And have yourself a wondering day! (✿◠‿◠)

  5. Every time I watch one of his covers I am blown away! I don’t follow him that much but I love his voice. It definitely leaves an impression on me.

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