rhythm.connection will be at TORONTO KPOP CON!

Attention readers! Canada will soon be playing host to one of the largest KPOP events ever…yes, I am referring to the upcoming 2015 Toronto KPOP Con on May 2nd at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. 10525996_390596271065325_6394931830991320763_n There will be booths, free giveaways, dance workshops, panels (including one hosted by yours truly – an Q&A panel with a non-celeb sibling of a Kpop star, Super Junior-M’s Henry’s older brother Clinton), AND the main event – a two party concert featuring over 150 Canadian Kpop performers and the headlining act – Korean boy band NU’EST. This event could easily be considered the ‘KCON of Canada’, as an event of this size has never been done before. For more information on this event, head over to Facebook for more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/900954433264396/permalink/1042520615774443/ To buy tickets, click this link: http://www.eventbee.com/v/torontokpopcon2015   Definitely an event not to miss! And if you see us at TKC15, make sure to come say hello! Lots of fun activities, merch, special guests (like Shimmycocopuffs and MisterPopoTV) and way more will be present at the event. See you guys in May! 🙂   – J.


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