rhythm.connection PRESENTS: Dumbfoundead [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

What’s up good people? Bet you didn’t see this coming – a one-on-one exclusive interview with one of hip-hop’s hottest emcees to date, Jonathan Park, better known as Dumbfoundead aka Parker aka Korean Jesus aka Mr. K-Town etc etc etc. What we mean to say is that, thanks to the folks at the Diamond Mine Agency and the staff at Babylon Nightclub in Ottawa, we had a chance to speak with DFD following his return to the legendary King of the Dot (KOTD) battle rap competition a few days earlier in Toronto. As it was his first time in Ottawa, he had nothing but love to show for his Canadian fans. Check it out!

Jonathan Park (Korean name: Park Sung Man), also known as Dumbfoundead (born Feb. 18, 1986 in Buenos Aires, Argentina), is a Korean-American rapper and lyricist. Also a co-host for the popular English-language Kpop program ‘Danny from LA’, Dumbfoundead has been tearing up the scene for many years now. While admitting he still feels like a newbie as an artist, many have credited his great lyrical sense and style for reinvigorating the indie hip-hop scene. Having working with the likes of artists like Wax, Epik High, Jay Park, Kahi, Brian Joo and Breezy Lovejoy, DFD continues to seek greater artistry in all manners of his craft.


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