TORONTO KPOP CON 2015 – Preview!

Good day to you all! I hope you’re all feeling the warm summer weather these days. As many of you know, rhythm.connection will be making their convention debut this weekend at Toronto Kpop Con in Toronto on May 2nd at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Now for those of you who are just finding out, or have yet to buy tickets and need some good reasons as to why you should, allow us to help you with that 😉


You’ve got a whole bunch of amazing panelists to look forward to, from YouTubers, to K-pop producers, to siblings of K-pop stars; from music industry insiders to writers and many more.


You’ve got talented dancers, singers and rappers from both Canada and the US making their appearance at the event. They’ll be performing, doing a meet and greet and just hanging out with the fans. And this is just a handful of the folks who will be there – don’t forget folks like JefferyFever, VickyBunnyCosplay, Gemini, Aaron Lim, and many more!


Of course you can’t forget the local talent headlining the Canadian Dream Stage – several dance crews, a rapper, a singer and two amazing MCs lined up for the first portion of the concert!


And you can’t forget the main headliners themselves – Korean boy band NU’EST!



Dance workshops, vendors, games, contests, a film screening and MUCH MORE! Can we count on you – our readers – to show up in full force? See you May 2nd in Toronto for what is sure to be a historic day in K-pop lore in Canada!


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