Contest Corner: CD Giveaway #1!

[CONTEST CLOSED!] Hey folks! Long time no contest. We know how much you love our giveaways, and what better way to come back with giveaways then to share some swag from our editor-in-chief’s recent visit to South Korea! Here’s what’s up for grabs this time:

2015-07-13 20.14.46

Two (2) copies of indie band Hyangni’s (향니) debut album ‘첫사랑이 되어줘’, autographed by all the members; and one (1) copy of girl group Sunny Days’ 5th single ‘I Don’t Need You Boy’, signed by all the members. Each item is up for grabs and one winner will be chosen for each CD.


Simple – leave your name, email and story on the first Korean artist you ever listened to in the comment box below, or on our Facebook page, in the comment section underneath the post of this article. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON ONLY! Winners will be chosen at random. Contest opens at 9PM EST on July 13th, 2015 and closes at 9PM EST on August 7th, 2015. CONTEST OPEN TO US AND CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY.

Good luck to everyone!


9 responses to “Contest Corner: CD Giveaway #1!

  1. The first Korean artist I ever listened to was Boa, and it was her song Eat You Up. I was browsing through Youtube and it was one of the recommended videos so I clicked on it. The song was stuck in my head for so long that I eventually caved in and downloaded the whole album.

  2. I have not been too long into kpop, but I have fallen hard. The video I saw was G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker. Even though I could not understand they lyrics, there was just something there that completely stole my heart from other types of music. Then of course the slippery slope effect happened. I found out he was part of BigBang, so I searched them out and loved the style, music, and videos. Then I found out BigBang was part of YG Entertainment and then I fell for 2ne1 and Se7en and the rest of the YG Family. Then I found out YG Ent. was one of the big three agencies and from there I found SM and JYP groups… and so on. now I listen to nothing but kpop. I am a bit of an addict I guess. LOL 😀

  3. The first group i ever listened to was KARA. I was instantly obsessed with the song Mister and the Butt Dance. Though I am sure i looked very crazy trying dance it. LOL

  4. the first group i ever hear was Turbo a long, long time ago. the guy in the dorm room next to me was named JunHo, who was from Korea, but had also spent time living in Japan. Every Saturday night his friends would come over and listen to and sing along with (badly) to all these strange and wildly wonderful sounding songs. After hearing them enough times through the walls at 2am, i just had to know what it was i was hearing. So it was from JunHo that i learned to appreciate Kpop and Jpop. My favorites were Turbo, S.E.S, H.O.T for Kpop and Tube for Jpop. It was a shame when he graduated 2 years before I did, since the internet was not as advanced as it was today, so there were not any sites to see kpop news or videos or buy any cds from. I call it my Kpop dark age. it was a few years later that the internet caught up to passions and even though many of those bands were gone, I found so many more to love. Now all i listen to is Kpop and love every second of it.

  5. The first artist I listened to was After School. I saw an article about the 10 sexiest Kpop videos and was curious (I know, I know…). I jumped to #1, and it was After School’s First Love. I watched the MV, and was instantly hooked by the concept (pole dancing!), dancing, and the funky song. I have never looked back since.

  6. the video I ever saw was 2NE1’s Fire. Some one I know online told me about it. At first I just watch both the street and the space version. After that i watched the next recommend video, then the next one. next thing I know it was 4am and I had watched like 100 different videos from different groups. hahaha! I use to like T-ara’s videos the best since they felt like mini movies, but now I think Orange Caramel makes the best MV’s.

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