Hello readers! It’s been a while, but we wanted to take some time to tell you guys about an incredible event taking place very soon in Toronto. If you don’t already know, one of South Korea’s top tier boy bands is currently on their second ever world tour to promote their ‘MADE’ album and will soon be making four stops in North America to perform for their international fans. That’s right – YG Entertainment powerhouse BIGBANG is coming to the 6 on October 13th.

For those of you whom this may be new news to, let us give you a preview of what to expect for the upcoming Toronto concert.


The five-membered group (comprised of G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Seungri and Daesung) embarked on their second ever world tour on April 25th of this year, to promote their new album ‘MADE‘. Following the huge success of their US dates from their last world tour, YG Entertainment partnered with Live Nation to bring the boys back stateside. In addition, the group will be making their long-awaited concert debut in Canada with a stop in Toronto on October 13th. Already travelling on a wave of momentum following the successful Canadian shows of fellow YG artists Epik High, Masta Wu, Lydia Paek and 2NE1’s CL, there is much anticipation for BIGBANG’s first Canadian concert.

In preparation for the October 13th show, Live Nation released a list of the official BIGBANG merchandise that will be available at the concert for purchase, including the iconic VIP Crown lightsticks. Prior to this, when tickets went on sale for the show, they sold out within a few days of release, thus building the hype around this concert.


A peek at the set lists from the Asia leg of their tour reveals that the boys have big surprises ahead for Canadian and international audiences in attendance at the Toronto show. Classic BB tracks, songs from the new album and even solo stages are just some of the performances fans can look forward to!


And if the concert isn’t enough, Toronto event promotion company Onix Media Group is hosting an official concert after-party at The Muzik Box (formerly Muzik Nightclub) in Toronto’s famous Exhibition Grounds. This is the only after-party of the North American leg of their tour, making this an ultra-exclusive event for BIGBANG fans in Canada and the US. According to Onix Media Group founder Javin Hui, tickets for this special event have been selling like crazy, attracting fans from as far away as China, Japan, Peru, Mexico and more. To learn more about the after-party and buy tickets, visit


Make sure to be part of this historic event in K-pop history by getting your tickets to the concert and after-party. You won’t want to miss this. And stay tuned for some special coverage from us as we’ll be bringing you front and centre with all the details! See you on October 13th at the Air Canada Centre!


2 responses to “BIGBANG MADE TOUR 2015 Toronto – PREVIEW

  1. The concert was amazing!!!!!!!!…. But the afterparty was ridiculous… Javin (owner of Onix Media Group) SUCKED at organizing everything… he also seemed to have scammed some people out of their money, letting people pay thousands of dollars for meet and greets… some didn’t even get to see them. He was also constantly letting his scantily clad looking girl buddies into the back where the guys were just to meet them….
    Did I mention that the actual winners of meet and greets didn’t have their passes honored so they never had the chance to meet bigbang either? it was all so crazy and I hope that YG never uses Onix Media Group or Muzik Nightclub ever again….

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