rhythm.connection PRESENTS: Jojo Hung [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Any Korean reality show fans here? Our staff loves Korean reality shows. One show in particular caught our eyes this year – season two of Insite TV’s ‘Miss Korea’. If you recall, we did an interview with Miss Korea season two star Julia Wu on her experience in Korea. We are happy to present to you an interview with the other star of the second season – miss Jojo Hung!

Jojo Hung (aka Josephine Hung, born April 6, 1990 in Singapore) is a dance choreographer and singer who gained notoriety through the Insite TV reality program ‘Miss Korea’. Appearing on the second season alongside Berklee student and singer Julia Wu earlier this year, Jojo has continued to pursue her love of dance and music. Having recently signed with Caius Lauren Entertainment and being a full-time instructor at Celine Jessandra Universal Co. since 2007, Jojo took some time from her schedules to chat with us about what she’s been up to these days.

1489126_504933482977894_3201629199529714344_nFor those who aren’t familiar with who you are, please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello everyone! Josephine (Jojo) here from Singapore, and you might remember me from Mnet’s ‘Miss Korea Season 2’, or a K-Pop singing Competition currently airing in Vietnam! I’m currently a dance instructor at Celine Jessandra Universal Co. – a Pop Music school based in Singapore, and am also a performing artiste under the brand Caius Lauren Entertainment!

How long have you been doing music and dance for?

I start performing from a very young age, and started out as a dancer. I was involved with ballet and jazz classes when I was about 4years old, but went on hiatus while after I started school! It was until I got older [about 14] when I was introduced to the world of Hip-hop in 2004. I began teaching dance part-time after being given the opportunity to do so, and finally moved into a full time position in 2009! As for singing, I picked up some lessons along the way, and while I believe I still need to work on many aspects of it, it’s something I’m still continuing to work hard to improve on!

What kind of artist do you consider yourself?

I’m more of a choreographer, and like to dabble in dance routines whenever I get inspired! I like to see myself as a singer/dancer mash up as well, as it’s something that I can really express myself in, having been a dancer for a number of years now! If anyone has seen my videos on my videos on youtube, [shameless plug for youtube channel ‘celinejessandra’], you’ll see I really like the more hard hitting, and lyrical style of dance!

As far as music is concerned, who gives you your inspiration?10474441_10152560229748111_8954688108246003478_n

I pretty much fancy variety of styles, and it varies widely based on my moods. Along the years, I believe my style has also shifted considerably along the way too. BoA has always been my go-to performer since a young age as one of the pioneers that introduced KPop to the world. In the recent years, I’ve had a growing interest in Rap music as well, and started listening to groups such as Epic High, GD, Tiger JK & Yoon Mi Rae, Dynamic Duo, and the works. The multitude of styles I get to listen to has definitely shaped the type of teacher and performer I am today!

You’ve been a dance instructor with Celine Jessandra for quite a few years now. What has that whole experience been like for you?

Being at Celine Jessandra Universal Co, I’ve have the honour and opportunity to perform and open concerts for the likes of artistes like B2ST, BtoB and multiple others who’ve been in Singapore, so it’s been definitely awesome! As the head dance instructor at CJ, I also get to flex my creative input into projects beyond the just KPop performances, which has helped my grow tremendously both as a performer and a choreographer. Being here has also opened the doors to many exciting new milestones such as fronting TV commercials for international channels, and have even dabbled in acting and hosting projects through the years! I’m currently focused on both teaching and performing with CJ, as well as catching up on several other passions like learning new languages – Korean and Japanese. Rather busy but definitely fulfilling!

11665561_570228333115075_4785127934121717011_nYou were also one of two lead stars for the second season of ‘Miss Korea’. How was that whole experience?

As someone who loves travelling and the performing arts, I felt that Miss Korea was the perfect opportunity for me. Even up till now, everything still feels slightly surreal. It was a debut experience being involved in a reality show, and the filming process turned out to be a good balance of both fun and stress. Thank goodness I wasn’t alone in this, and I’m eternally grateful the long lasting friendship I’ve formed with my Partner-in-crime, Julia. Being cooped up in a house together with her for over 3 months, plus touring the sights and sounds of Seoul is something I’ll always fondly look back on. The embarrassing times where we cried together on of international TV due to the tough training conditions, or when we had to part, cements the close bond that we had formed thoughout! I had a lot of fun making the music video as seen in the series’ last episode, where we had to write and record the song within two to three days. It was an awesome time where I was also able to discover the other musical-aspects within me. The production crew was amazing, and we bonded really well as they took great care of us, and were a great help especially during difficult times like when I had a bad fall and had to be admitted to the Hospital.

You met two very famous artists in Korea while filming Miss Korea 2. Talk about that!

Brian Joo- As we had the opportunity to meet and interact during filming, it was a rather short but still memorable time. Meeting Brian, you could see he possesses a really open, social and humble personality. He had a great sense of humor, and obviously very talented in what he does. I’ve gained a tremendous amount of respect for him being able to juggle his singing career and his floral business!

Kim Johan- Definitely on with a plethora of talents on his plate, Kim Johan is someone who is nurturing and ridiculously passionate as what he does. He taught us not just the technical aspects of the arts but also focused a lot on character building in the industry. He provided both Julia and myself with advice that I could easily remember and apply throughout the rest of my pursuit as a performing artiste. His attitude and passion for the arts really inspired me a lot and, I would say he’s a very encouraging person, not just for the show but behind the scenes as well!

How was it getting to know Julia and spending that much time with someone you had only met as your flew into Korea to film the show?

3 months may seem like a long time but as the saying goes, time passes quick when you’re having fun! It still amazes me how we were so different from one another, yet managed to hit it off so well. In addition, we were constantly creating havoc everywhere we went towards the end of filming, and that’s when we really opened up to each other more than ever. Even now, we still keep in touch with updates of our lives and journey, and we know we’ll always be supporting each other in whatever lies ahead for both of us! We’ll definitely cross paths again in the near future! Are you with me Julia? Haha

From all these experiences you’ve had in the last year or so, what has been the biggest milestone for you in terms of further pursuing your career as a performer?18520_543853599085882_1307903408208504511_n

There have been many, but the biggest milestone was being able first hand be part of the entertainment industry in Korea, experiencing the auditions & training over there. The exchanging of pointer and perspectives with like-minded and passionate individuals who share the same dreams as myself, and of course meeting veterans in the entertainment field who provided many constructive feedbacks. In my years as a performers, I have won competitions where I won a car, and featured in very exciting projects where I could get to travel, but ultimately, the memories and experiences gained will always be fondly remembered! It allows me to find, realise and understand myself so much better in order to steer myself towards a clearer direction in my career.

Can fans expect original material from you down the road, musically-speaking?

I’m still very much into the whole singing and dancing concept, and I haven’t changed much. I’ve choreographed original routines for various local artistes over the years, and have also had the opportunity to showcase some of these dances as perfomances and festivals!  I’m just started picking up certain instruments along the way while I’ve also started writing rap lyrics as a past-time. Beyond musically, I’m currently working with my management company on a blog/vlog, aptly named J-LOG! I will be sharing my experiences and other activities with my followers and it’s definitely  going to be exciting, so readers can check it out at http://www.caiustalents.com/ My personal youtube: jojohung0

19486_540667942737781_4630239841436490570_nWhat is your current guilty pleasure?

I love watching K-dramas, and engage in unhealthy binge watching marathons, where I sacrifice my sleep just to finish the next episode. and the next. and the next. haha

What are your five most played songs currently?

1) Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On 2) R. City ft. Adam Levine- Locked Away 3) Crush ft Zico– Oasis 4) iKon- Airplane 5) BigBang- Loser

Who are some of your favourite artists?

From the international scene, I love a good mix of Maroon 5, Shawn Mendes, Ed sheeran, Bruno Mars and Jessie J. As for KPop, JYJ, BoA, Big Bang, IKon, Ailee and Yoon Mi Rae stay strong as my go to artistes for awesome tunes!

When you have spare time, what do you do for fun?

I’m a girl after all, and retail therapy – SHOPPING! remains the top of my list! I still definitely try to eek out spare time beyond work to go on casual outings and catch-up sessions with friends, which range from chilling in the café to visiting the zoo on multiple occasions!

Name one thing that fans may not already know about you.

I’m actually a sports buff and was an active sprinter back in my school’s track & field team during my high school days! Who would have figured!

Any advice for aspiring singers/dancers out there?11800132_583199231817985_6942046075087492633_n

Always find your strength to gain confidence, and don’t be afraid face your weaknesses in order to overcome them. Feel the moment, and most importantly, appreciate and embrace the learning journey, no matter how tough it might feel while doing it. Well, do as much or as long as your heart tells you to [of course, with the right mindset]!

Any final words for the readers/fans?

I definitely hope that Miss Korea Season 2 has provided the readers with ample laughs and entertainment, and that they have gotten to know both Julia and myself better!

Most importantly, I wish for all the reader with dreams like myself to continue to work hard towards them, and never give up. Cliche as it might sound, it’s still the one of the most sound advice anyone can receive!

Many thanks to Jojo for her time talking to us. Be on the look out for future projects from this blooming talent. Until next time, this has been a rhythm.connection exclusive!


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