Contest Corner: Girls’ Generation CD Set

[CONTEST CLOSED!] Hello readers! Our apologies for the unexpectedly long hiatus, but to make up for it, we’re throwing our first Contest Corner of the year. We know there’s quite a few SNSD/Girls’ Generation fans that read our blog, so we’re giving away a special three-CD set to one lucky reader. This set includes a copy of “The Boys“, a copy of “Hoot“, and a special collector’s item – a signed copy of subunit TaeTiSeo’s 2nd mini album “Holler“.

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What do you have to do to enter? Simple – comment below on the post OR on the Facebook post of this article and write your favourite memory of the group. On March 11th we will be announcing our randomly selected winner of this special CD set. So enter now, and remember – one entry per person (Facebook or the blog comments). Open to US and Canadian residents only. You have until 11:59pm on March 10th to submit your name, so good luck 🙂



12 responses to “Contest Corner: Girls’ Generation CD Set

  1. Thanks for doing this 🙂 My favorite memory is definitely discovering SNSD. On November 2, 2013 I was browsing YouTube before heading into my university for classes for the day. I clicked on a channel talking about the YouTube music awards. For some reason I thought the information they provided on the group Girls’ Generation, and their song I Got A Boy warranted a watching of the teaser video on the channel. I started the video with basically no expectations, just killing time before classes started. However, after watching the ~30 second video I was instantly hooked. I had to find out more. Over the next few days I spent countless hours watching anything I could find about SNSD (MVs, performances, variety show appearances, whatever). And thus began my love of SNSD, and eventually kpop in general.

  2. My favorite moment is them winning Artist of the Year at the 2011 MAMA Awards. They were just soooo happy and funny and they were screaming and smiling so hard and watching them run up to the podium was so fun. I was literally screaming and smiling the entire time!

  3. Welcome back ! looking forward to some new articles ~ Anyway, thanks for doing this giveaway as well ( I love me some SNSD :^) ) One of my top favorite memories of the group is probably me listening to my first song by them, Gee ! They all looked so pretty and I def had the song on replay for awhile ~

  4. My fav memory of SNSD..I have 2. First one is early on when I first discovered them and became a fan and got to watch them on american tv on the Letterman Show, it was such a cool moment! Second would be when I got to seem them live, front row in San Francisco at the Google/Youtube concert, seriously a dream come true.

  5. I went to see them live in Korea!!!!!!! AND I’LL NEVER FORGET IT TAEYEON IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO IS TIFFANY AND SEOHYUN I CANT PICK!!!

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