rhythm.connection PRESENTS: Victim Mentality [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Any fans of metal or glam rock music? Anyone wish they could experience what 80s/90s glam rock was like back in the day? Well look no further than Victim Mentality – a three-piece glam rock/metal band from South Korea and the focus of today’s interview!

Victim Mentality (comprised of members Krocodile, Skorpion and Die-Amond) is a glam rock/metal band from Seoul, South Korea. Formed in 2009 with a slightly different roster, this group is very much in a class of their own, from their standout visuals to their hard-hitting songs. Bringing back a sense of the 80s and 90s high point of glam rock and metal, the band took some time to answer a few questions, ahead of their 2nd ever appearance at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Texas this month.

Victim Mentality Band PhotoFor those who aren’t familiar with who you are, please introduce yourself briefly.

Krocodile: You don’t know who I am? I think that should be a crime! We’re the Korean glam metal band Victim Mentality. You better remember us from now on!

How did Victim Mentality come together originally?

Krocodile: We received a divine message from the god of heavy metal. And from the very beginning, we were perfect and people who know us – which should basically be everyone – worshiped us!

Your group has a very specific niche in terms of the music that influences what you create. Talk about some of the music influencing you lately.

Krocodile: What? That’s absurd! We have never been influenced by anyone. We are originals through and through! But I think our amazing music and style will influence many other musicians for years to come.

Your most recent release was the album ’Heavy Metal Is Back’ last year. Talk about the process of writing and recording this release.Victim Mentality Die-Amond (guitar)

Krocodile: Most of the recording was done in one take. This is because our singing and playing were perfect! But I have to admit that I had to do a few songs twice because I forgot my lyrics. But these things happen to all rock stars from time to time!

You have two gigs coming up in March – your second ever appearance at the world famous South by Southwest (SXSW). What can fans look forward to at your SXSW concerts?

Skorpion: They can expect to see our overwhelming beauty, hear our amazing heavy metal, and love our fantastic performances. Come and enjoy our shows and afterwards you can come and tell us everything you love about us and our music!

What are your plans for the rest of the year in terms of releases and touring?

Skorpion: We are going to release a new single called “I Hate Hiphop” on March 10. And we’re going to release a few more singles over the coming months as well. We’re also hoping to do some more international touring, play at some Korean music festivals, and go to war with North Korea as well – so it should be a pretty busy year for Victim Mentality!

Victim Mentality Krocodile (vocalist)The Korean rock scene has grown exponentially in the last ten years or so. Since you have been around performing for a few years, what would you say has changed about the rock scene since you started performing live as a unit?

Krocodile: People keep talking about the growth in Korea’s rock scene but I don’t see it. I think the Korean rock scene is continually decreasing. But to be honest, we don’t care about the rock scene. I want to create a new market which is all about me! In my mind, the most important thing we have to do is make people who don’t like rock music adore me! Nothing else is important. And I think that we can make this happen.

What is your guilty pleasure currently? It can be anything!

Krocodile: I don’t have any guilty pleasures. If you like something – do it. There’s no need to feel guilty about it. And if you don’t like it – stop doing it. I quit smoking and I rarely drink. So now all the things I do are good things like eating lots and lots of meat.

Name one thing that fans may not already know about you.

Skorpion: Krocodile is over 4000 years old. Sometimes older people think he is younger than they are and they walk all over him. But I’m going to recommend that people not do that anymore. He’s the kind of person you need to be really careful around.

Any advice for aspiring rock artists?Victim Mentality Skorpion (bass)

Die-Amond: Do what you want. Rock isn’t something that you can learn from others. It’s something you need to feel and do on your own.

Any final words for the readers?

Krocodile: Thank you for reading this interview all the way to the end. Please love Victim Mentality and especially love me! If you love me, I can be rich. And if I become rich, I can finally buy a new car! I think I’m an American at heart and that Austin is my true hometown. I hope some of you can come and meet us while we’re in Austin at SXSW. And if you can’t make it there, I hope you can meet us somewhere else when we become huge rock stars and do lots of world tours!

Many thanks to Victim Mentality for chatting with us – make sure to catch them on tour at SXSW this month:


Also a special thanks to Shawn Despres for helping set up the interview! As always, this has been a rhythm.connection exclusive!


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