rhythm.connection PRESENTS: GRACE (그레이스) [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Need something bright, colourful and positive to fill your day? No we’re not talking about confetti or rainbows, but this artist sure comes close to it. Allow us to introduce you to a recently debuted artist that we’ve been fans of since before she debuted – GRACE!

Eunmi Kim, also known as Grace Kim (born May 27, 1992) is a Korean singer originally from New York but now based in Seoul. For the last four years she’s been training and preparing to show the world what she has, and she’s definitely done that. Debuting with the single ‘I’m Fine’ this past February, Grace has shown a very DIY-out of the box concept that she’s made her own. In the wake of her smash hit, she took some time to speak to us about her newfound fame and plans for the future.

643cfb_ffc35bb10b8d4560b82c6f36e57675a6For those who aren’t familiar with who you are, please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello, my name is Grace and I’m a singer here in Seoul, Korea. I just like being creative and want to express that to the world.

How long have you been doing music in Korea for?

I have been here for about four years so far. It’s been a mix of being a trainee and starting to write my own music.

What kind of artist do you consider yourself?

I consider myself someone who just likes to explore and have fun. I use that in my work.

As far as music is concerned, who gives you your inspiration?

When I first started, I got inspiration from artists like James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera, etc. These days I like to listen to a lot of artists who create amazing music that’s not considered mainstream. All these artists inspire me.

You debuted this past February with the track “I’m Fine”. Talk about the story behind the song.643cfb_ef90be06a3f24f9e83a3109f10722018

For a debut song, we really wanted to spread a certain message, instead of spreading “who I am”. “I’m Fine” is a song that has a message saying that in any situation, that “I am fine”, and this is something everyone should have in the back of their minds. Every hardship passes at some point, so smile 🙂

How did you come up with the concept for the music video for “I’m Fine”?

I didn’t mind being different or standing out. We really didn’t wanna do something “trendy” and just do something fun. Our art director looked into many artists from other countries and see how their music/visual was shown there. So our team didn’t mind going out of the box, and thats what came out of the music video.

YYAC is a fairly new company. How did you get connected with YYAC initially?

I was introduced by someone I know to the YYAC team. They seemed to have pretty good work ethic about music and have great respect for artists.

Any plans to promote on TV or perform live in Korea in the near future?

Yes of course. But being on TV doesn’t necessarily have to be immediate. I will always make good music so that’s the most important thing.

643cfb_0599274cb3ab42d087db4027af9dcea1You used to upload covers on YouTube, some of which are still viewable. What got you into uploading covers?

I always loved to sing and make videos, so why not put them together? Haha.

I heard you studied at FIT in New York. Talk about that experience.


I always loved making art since I can remember. I studied communication design but I decided to take a break from school and focus on my music.

Since you’re from New York originally, do you think that your US upbringing has greatly influenced your style of music?

Yes I think growing up in the States has influenced the way I sing, or my personal “vibe” with music.

I’ve heard from another recent interview that two artists you want to work with are Crush and Dean. What is it about them that you like as artists?

Their style is something that I’d like to work on for myself. Also their voices are great as well.

You show your fans a lot of love through social media – a very good way of connecting with them. How do you feel the reaction to your debut and your style as an artist has been with them?643cfb_5723a92045ba4e1ca2059d88970e7073

I thank all my fans/views/listeners, and I am glad that they are able to see what we are wanting to do and express. I’m glad I can bring something that’s a little fresh and new!

Some fans want to know – any suggestions for the name of your fan group? (ex- SHINee fans are Shawols, TWICE fans are ONCE, EXO fans are EXO-Ls etc.)

I’ve seen some names and there are a couple that stood out to me. Gracicorn, Grazys, and etc. I’d love to pick out a fan group name soon.

When can we expect your next release?

I am currently working on new music and you might hear some demos soon before a official album release.

So now for some fun questions. First, jajjangmyun or naengmyun?

I like naengmyun 🙂

643cfb_908f0693edfc4665bcd412f614c41365What are your five most played songs currently?

Don’t – Bryson Tiller, Eternal Sunshine – Jhene Aiko, The Worst – Jhene Aiko, Together – Cassette, 너는나나는너 – Zico

When you have spare time, what do you do for fun?

This is kinda sad but I haven’t been able to let loose and have fun since I started trainee life until now. Outside of work, I like to just have a ice caramel latte and watch videos haha.

Name one thing that fans may not already know about you.

I’m a quiet person. I like to just be by myself a lot of the time.

Any advice for aspiring singers and those considering entering a singing audition program in Korea?

Just be yourself and don’t worry about what others think about you. That is how to bring out your true self. Of course always have respect with anything you do.

Any additional words for the readers/fans?

I always enjoy interacting with people from all over, as it’s a way to get out there! I will be coming out with cool music and fun things soon, so I hope everyone can bear with me!


Many thanks to the folks at YYAC and Grace herself for allowing us to get to know her more. Until next time, this has been a rhythm.connection exclusive!


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