History of rhythm.connection

Here is a look at some of the history behind this entertainment blog, as well as some of the events we’ve been involved with:



(From left to right: Teen Top High Kick in Toronto 2014, Eric Nam Canadian Showcase & Meet and Greet Toronto 2014, Illionaire Records Canada Tour 2014 Toronto), Krowdpop’s Unite The Mic in Toronto 2015, Toronto Kpop Con 2015, Seoul Dream Concert 2015, The Beat Down Hip-Hop Competition 2015 in Toronto, KBS World K-pop Festival Ottawa Preliminaries 2015, Hallyu North Expo 2016 in Toronto, and Inspirin8 Studio’s Jiyoung Youn Dance Workshop Series in Ottawa 2017)


First interviewee ever: Japanese singer Kato Miliyah (August 2009)

Country where most of our interviewees originate from: South Korea

Countries where we’ve had an interviewee hail from: Canada, United States, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, France and Australia

Longest interview to date: Hollywood actress Bai Ling (July 2016)