1. Who are we?
    1. We are a Canadian-based entertainment blog and media outlet, founded in August 2009 by Jorge Toledo-Ramirez.
  2. What do you cover?
    1. We do interviews, op-ed letters, contests, occasional lists and video content related to dance, music, film and other things of relevancy.
  3. When did you start covering events?
    1. We started acting as press for events as of 2014.
  4. What events have you covered?
    1. Our list is growing but so far we’ve covered: Wanting Qu concert in Toronto (2014), Teen Top concert in Toronto (2014), Eric Nam concert in Toronto (2014), Illionaire Records’ first Toronto show (2014), Unite the Mic w/ Jay Park, San E and Ailee in Toronto (2015), Toronto Kpop Con (2015), KBS World K-pop Festival Ottawa Preliminaries (2015), Dream Concert in Seoul (2015), The Beat Down Hip-Hop Dance Competition in Toronto (2015), and Hallyu North Expo in Toronto (2016).
  5. How many staff work for the blog?
    1. Occasionally there have been temporary assistants and translators that have helped us, but for the record – this blog has been owned and operated solely by the founder since 2009.
  6. How come there are lapses in consistency of posts?
    1. As this blog is staffed by one person, periodic breaks are taken to avoid complete burnout from the other projects being worked on at the same time by the founder.
  7. How can we contact you for business inquiries and other questions?
    1. Email: jorgefrancisco.tr@gmail.com (NOTE: we will be getting a proper business email soon, but for now use this one)
  8. How can we reach you on social media?
    1. We currently only have Facebook (see the sidebar for link), but we are debating getting a Twitter and Instagram account in the future.
  9. Why did you start this blog?
    1. Good question – initially it started as a summer project in 2009 to avoid boredom and maintain writing skills, but soon enough one thing led to another, and now the blog has been maintained since there, the first iteration on BlogSpot until 2011, and the current one from 2012 onwards.
  10. What is your goal with this blog?
    1. To showcase different kinds of talent from all over the world if possible. And to put a spotlight on events and artists in Toronto and Ottawa.

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